Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear or bring?

Please dress comfortably and dress in layers in case you get hot/ cold.

You will need to bring a yoga mat/ camping mat, blanket(s) and a pillow/ cushion. Some people like to bring an eye pillow, also a bottle of water. Your body temperature lowers during relaxation so it’s important to be warm and comfortable so you can really relax and enjoy the experience.

I’m not comfortable/ have difficulties with lying on the floor, can I still come to a Sound Bath?

Lying on the floor is one way to experience a Sound Bath. If this is not possible, you are welcome to sit in a chair.

Please let the Sound Practitioner know, as a recliner chair may be made available.

Can I come in if I am late for an event?

No, we start on time so that everyone gets their full time. Please arrive 15 minutes before the event start time and please DO NOT KNOCK on the door if you are late.

Do we have to book in advance, or can we just show up at the door?

We require advance bookings for all our events. There is a maximum capacity at each venue.

I’m pregnant or think I may be pregnant can I still attend?

Sound Baths are generally considered safe for most people regardless of age or fitness level. It is NOT recommended for those women within the first trimester of Pregnancy. It is advisable to consult with your GP beforehand and discuss with the Sound Practitioner.

Can children come to a Sound Bath?

Children of all ages are welcome to attend with a parent/guardian. For some children, being quiet and still for any length of time is difficult and movement and fidgeting or talking is disruptive to other participants. You know your child best. Please talk to the Sound Practitioner beforehand.

Will a Sound Bath help me sleep?

Most people have reported “a good nights sleep” after a Sound Bath, which often extends to feeling calm and centred the next day. A Sound Bath can bring about a state of reflective, self-healing and inner calm in your daily life and further promote healthy sleep.

I am not able to make it to the event I booked. Can I exchange my booking for another date?

Yes you can. If you have signed up with an account on the website your money will be placed in a “Wallet”. You can then use this amount to book on a future event.

What should I do after a Sound Bath

During a Sound Bath the body may undergo many shifts, including heightened awareness, sharper intuition and increased energy levels. It’s important to be kind to yourself and try to rest and drink plenty of water.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Yes. Please contact the Sound Practitioner (Belinda). Contact details are here.

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