What happens at a Sound Bath?

What happens in a Sound Bath is unique to you. Everyone experiences a Sound Bath differently. If you have never tried a Sound Bath before, it’s a deeply relaxing and meditative experience where you are ‘bathed’ in the sound waves produced by Gongs, Singing Bowls, Chimes and other instruments.

The sounds

A Sound Bath not only varies for the person experiencing it but also with the practitioner. Every Sound Bath is different. The sounds are intended to be calming and will start softly, to begin relaxation. The instruments used will gradually change, increasing in volume with singing bowls and eventually gongs. The gongs produce a sound that many will never have experienced. As the Sound Bath comes to an end the volume reduces and the softer instruments return, to ease the transition to the end of the experience.

What happens at a Sound Bath

Preparing for the experience

To get the most from the Sound Bath experience you should be comfortable. To help with this, you will be required to to bring a Yoga mat /camping mat, blankets and a cushion/pillow with you to make yourself as comfortable as possible for approximately an hour. Some people like to bring an eye mask. If for any reason you find it difficult to lie on the floor then please let me know.

What happens at a Sound Bath

When you arrive at the venue you will be welcomed to the room and invited to lie down on your mat in a comfortable position. All you need to do is gently close your eyes and allow the sounds to wash over you. When the sound bath comes to an end I will let you know that it’s time to bring your awareness back to the room.

So, if you really want to know what happens at a sound bath, why not try one?

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